Palia’s Leap-tastic Steam Wishlist Campaign Starts Now!

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wishlist 1 Hear that? It’s the sound of the hype train as Palia makes its way to be on Steam! 🚂

And to get the loco-motion going, we’re offering a very special wishlist campaign featuring a lovable character: Frogbert!

Palians might have seen Frogbert around in fountains, or in other places in the world.

Well, now he’s ready to make his way into your housing plot, just in time for our Steam launch — but that’s not all! The final size of the Frogbert plush we’ll be sending out depends on you, the players!

That’s right: for every 100,000 Wishlists Palia has on Steam*, we will increase the size of the plush to be given out. 📈

We’re also happy to announce that we’ve hit over 200,000 steam wishlists. So a 2x Frogbert plush is already guaranteed!


  • 100,000 Wishlists
  • 200,000 Wishlists
  • 300,000 Wishlists
  • 400,000 Wishlists
  • 500,000 Wishlists

wishlist 420

Can we reach 500,000 wishlists for a GIGA-sized Frogbert Plush?! Make sure to wishlist Palia on Steam now! 🐸

Frequently Asked Questions

*What is the maximum size the plush can be? What if we end up having 1,000,000 Steam Wishlists?

Unfortunately, even Frogbert has his limits. 😱 The maximum he can be is up to five times (so 500,000 wishlists).

I don’t plan on playing Palia on Steam. Should I wishlist anyway?


How will the plush be sent?

The item will be sent as a gift via the News tab. This can be found by opening the Inventory, and then navigating to the tab to the top right of the window.

Windows PC

News Tab


News Switch

How long is this campaign lasting for?

The campaign starts now and ends once Palia launches on Steam! We will be announcing the final number following Palia's Steam launch on March 25th, 2024.

For more details on our Steam date announcement, please see that blog post here!

What if I started playing Palia after the Steam launch? Can I still get the plush?

Anyone who logs into Palia within 30 days following the Steam launch will receive the plush. This reward is available on all platforms — so whether you’re playing directly from our PC client, Steam, Nintendo Switch, or the Epic Games Store, everyone can get Frogbert. Make sure to claim the item before April 25th, 2024!

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